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Secure RESTful APIs with JWT

3rd Jan 2018



RESTful APIs are *stateless*, this means that if access to a resource requires authentication then the client must authenticate with each request. This can cause significant slowdowns depending on the system and architecture if you were to have the client...

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List Comprehensions in Python

14th Aug 2017

Language Features


Recently I was looking at Peter Norvig's essay on a Sudoku solver in Python (which can be found [here]( and found his use of Python's list comprehension functionality to be pretty interesting. Having learnt Java as a first...

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Volume Meter for microphone input volume

7th Aug 2017



Wearing noise-cancelling headphones whilst speaking into a microphone often means that you can't really tell how loud your voice is. When inputting into any sound capture software like Audacity you can see a readout for your mic volume. However, if you're...

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Crossing out text diagonally

31st Jul 2017



While CSS provides a method for putting a strikethrough on text using `text-decoration: line-through;`, there isn't any inbuilt function for a diagonal line through text, or a method that allows you to style that strikethrough. Recently I had to come up...

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