Freelance Work


jQuery Foundation Chart.js Tablesaw.js PHP

Website devoted to the statistical representational of data for popular game, custom-built to client’s specifications, mobile responsive, built through agile methodologies. I was the primary developer, working closely with the client throughout the project.

Burton Waters

jQuery AJAX Bootstrap Joomla PHP

Laid down foundations and framework of the interface layer between client-side and CMS leading up to release of new product line. Implemented a mobile-responsive AJAX-based email form for inquires. Developed child site https://www.boatsforsalenorfolk.com/ using Bootstrap.


Adobe Photoshop

Designed a full-page redesign of a WordToHTML service for a client. Worked closely with the client and developer to make sure that the completed design was both aesthetically pleasing and possible to develop.

Web Apps

Austin Crime Zone

jQuery Google Maps API AJAX QUnit

Web app that allows you to find out how dangerous a particular zone is within Austin, TX. Apply filters to refine incident data to your needs.

Obesity Poverty London

jQuery Google Maps API AJAX

A webapp to show the interesting correlation between obesity and poverty rates using open-source data about the boroughs of London and an interactive map.

Book Lipsum


Replace your standard Lorem Ipsum filler text with passages from popular classic novels such as A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.


Volume Meter


Java utility that takes microphone input, loads a small frame in realtime, performs an RMS calculation on that frame in order to get a relative volume level and displays that as a series of bars.

Clipboard History


Java utility that keeps track of text that has been copied to the clipboard and allows you to quickly grab the most recent 10 snippets from the taskbar icon. Also exports the history to a file on shutdown.



Diagonally crosses out text using data attribute. Settings for line thickness, rounding, colour etc can either be set locally in the span to crossout or globally when creating the Crossout object.

Desktop/Mobile Apps


Electron React Redux PHP MySQL

Desktop Notes Application that cloud-syncs notes to access between accounts. Desktop app is built with Electron, ReactJS and Redux for the store and the API on the server is built with PHP and a MySQL database.


Electron React Redux NodeJS LinvoDB

Music player, manager and downloader. Written in NodeJS, Electron and ReactJS, downloads videos from YouTube using inbuilt search functions and allows for metadata editing and music playing.


React Native Redux Java

Android app built using React Native and a JSON store to show weekly timetable information for university lectures, tutorials and labs. Updates weekly view to match current date.

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